Ink, Ceramics, and Propaganda with Aleksandra Krasutskaya


This post originally appeared at Heft

Ukrainian-born artist Aleksandra Krasutskaya talks about her life in ceramics and fascination with aesthetics in society.

M: Would you mind introducing yourself to our audience? How long have you been involved in making art?

AK: My name is Aleksandra Krasutskaya. I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. As a child, I was often making things; toys, backpacks, clothing… I would rescue interesting fabrics from various old closings, and re-purpose them. We did not have many exciting things back in the Soviet Union. I think I’ve always been drawing and painting. I have some recollections of elaborate stick-figures from pre-school years. I started studying drawing and painting when I was 6, and by twelve, I was taking still-life drawing and painting lessons, learning various tricks and principles of the trade. … Continue to full article

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